Final music video

Saturday, 12 December 2015

The shooting went well

Overall, the photoshoot went well. I really enjoyed filming with my artist. She listened to instructions well and helped me achieve my targets. One thing that I struggled with was filming the mastershot. This is mainly because of the lighting and the colour of the background. The most enjoyable day was filming the work scenes as it was very quick and easy to direct. One shot that I particularly struggled with was a spin look shot. For this shot I had to practise going around my artist as well as my hand movement. I was still trying to get a shaky movement with the camera while going around my artist. I added in extra shots that were different to my shot list when I was filming for when my artist was getting ready to out. I wanted to try do some unique shots to reveal my artist and do something different. I also tried to experiment with the mirrors. There was one small mirror and one big mirror. I tried to get the artist's lips or eyes in the small mirror while she was putting make up on.

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