Final music video

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Rough Draft

This is a rough draft that I have edited. There are some gaps which I need to fill in. There are some clips that I will need to colour correct and adjust so the lip sync will be better and so its visually pleasing to watch. I will fill in the gaps with outside shots and some more master shots that I shooted.


Generally the feedback that I got was good, however some people didn't understand the narrative. They just thought it was a girl working and stressed out. Furthermore, they said that the work scene goes on for a long time and that it gets a bit boring watching her work. I had to explain the narrative to everyone I showed which means that no one understood what I was trying to do. This may be because of the blanks in the video as they are quite long. Despite these things, everyone like the way I shot some scenes especially when she is working. 

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