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Monday, 9 November 2015

Album and Artist

I created a survey which I had distributed throughout the sixth form. I explained the concept of the song and album and this is what they thought:

I am happy that the majority chose the name 'Maya'. This is because it means illusion in hindi/punjabi and it relates very well with the concept of my narrative. When I asked why they chose this name, they answered that it is simple and easy to remember, which is what I wanted. With the album name, most people chose 'Reverie' which means lost in one's thought, daydream. They chose this because they thought it was unique. Some of them did not know the meaning of reverie, when I explained what it meant most people chose it but some liked 'Lucid dreams'. I am happy with Reverie as it amplifies the meaning of my narrative. 
From this research I will name my artist 'Maya' and call the album 'Reverie'

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