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Monday, 2 November 2015

Analysis of magazine and digipaks

This is the Digipak for Rhianna's album, Loud. 
In this Digipak there is one theme colour throughout the album. Her bold red hair and the red roses is what will make her CD cover stand out from other albums. I also want to make my Digipak stand out from other albums by using warm colours. However I do not want to use one picture for the inside panels. This is because I want to show different pictures of the artist so that audience members could get to know the artist a bit better. Rihanna is extremely successful and recognisable which may be why she has put her name in a small font on the CD cover. She is also an iconic artist, therefore she can just use one picture across the inside panels whereas it is the first album for my artist.
The back cover shows her track list, record label, bar code and copy right information which I will need to take into consideration. This is done on every back CD cover. The proction details are also in small print as it is not that relevant for Rihanna's fans.

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