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Monday, 26 October 2015

Digipak ideas and inspirations

One main convention that emerges from these pictures is that the artist's name is shown as being bold and big. Most artists have direct eye contact with the audience members. These are all ideas that I really like and I will take into consideration. The shots of the artists are mostly close up and mid shots, so they are easily recognisable by their fans. The font is also very simple and in blocks to help fans read it more clearly. 
For these female artists, the eye make up stands out such as Adele/25and Iggy Azalea. Also most of the covers have bright lighting excluding only a few, where some are black and white. Furthermore, the hair for each of the female artists are shown as being quite made up. I do have some sort of idea for the sort of Digipak that I would like to produce for my artist. I would like my artist to have her hair out and have simple make up on. I cannot forget the pine of the CD cover. For the spine I will make sure the artist and album name is written clearly in a simple font. 

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