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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Goodwin, Amplification and Disjuncture

One of Goodwin's theory was that 'there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contrasting the lyrics'. As an audience member watching this part of the music video makes me this that the person in the video is travelling home. I assumed this by watching the helicopter and the fast moving shots in the clip. This does relate to the lyrics "I'm coming home" By watching the fast moving shots and helicopter I can infer that the person is trying to get home as soon as possible. There is also a sense of urgency to get home which may be because they would want to meet their loved ones.

Love me like you do, Ellie Goulding 
The music video illustrates a narrative between two people as the song went on. It shows how the girl has the most fun when the man loves her the way he usually does.

The first screenshot shows how the couple first started bumping into each other which is mostly a cliché in most love song music videos.

The second screenshot shows how the couple then get to know each other by going out. This is almost a journey for them. The setting and how the actors are looking at each other clearly shows that they want to know more about each other. Also throughout the whole video the director chose to focus on the girl more than the boy, which illustrates that it is mostly a journey for the girl. Through this music video a narrative is created around the girl to maybe help audience members relate to her. This is because, girls stereotypically 'fall' for a man they love. It is also perceived that there is a 'perfect' man out there for every girl which is why females could relate to this music video. The producer cleverly creates a narrative out of this as he/she knows that young teenage girls or even young adults will listen to the song by applying it to their own lives.

Goodwin's theory of the relationship between the music and the visuals and the lyrics and the visuals apply here in amplified ways. These lyrics of this emotional song focuses on how girls go through so much just to look pretty but sometimes at the end of the day it may be to no use at all. The shots in this video is mostly of Beyonce getting ready in the dress room and her by herself looking at her body. The main shots of her by herself looking at her body amplifies how much she wants to change herself to be first in the pageant competition. At 3.15 in the music video Beyonce talks about the characteristics of the 'dream' girl such as 'blonde hair' and 'flat chest'. From this point up until 3.29, there are shots of Beyonce exercising and says 'thinner is better'. Here is a good example of the relationship between the lyrics and the visuals. This is because she is exercising to become thin, which is perceived to be better. Again at 2.19 'brush your hair' and 'fix your teeth' shows the relationship between the lyrics and the visuals. Here she is doing everything according to what is being said in the lyrics.
This music video has a typical iconography of a narrative being shown in its genre. The genre being pop, soul. The iconography is used to familiarise the audience members to the genre of the song. The narrative was shown throughout the clips of Beyonce getting ready when going out for the pageant and her struggles of becoming 'pretty'. The face that the narrative is strong shows that its a soulful genre. This narrative very much applies to today's society as many young females go through a phase of trying to be 'perfect'. Additionally, a sense of voyeurism is created in the music video. This is done through the outfits of the character and the fragmented shots in the video for example at 4.14. This is a typical convention used towards females in music videos.

In this screenshot Rihanna is singing about diamonds and at the same time diamonds are being shown in the music video. This clearly shows a relationship between the lyrics and visuals. This music video literally amplifies the lyrics of the song and focuses on bright diamonds.

Rihanna says "shine bright like a diamond". As you can see this that the music video as being bright. Furthermore its in black and white which makes it easier to make a shot brighter than it actually is. The producers of the music video may have put a bright lights behind Rihanna to create a sort of flash in the background, cutting Rihanna out at some points. For example at 1.47 and 4.12. Furthermore, voyeurism is used in the music video again which is conventional for female artists. At 2.27 it looks like Rihanna is not wearing any clothes which makes audience members think that she is 'naked'.


This music video is a good example of disjunture. This is because slow track shots are being used while Drake is dancing in the video, but it deliberately has no connection to the lyrics. The unusual dancing from Drake and the abstract colour of the video shows that it contrasts with the lyrics. A staircase has been used in the video in an empty space with slow and fast track shots towards Drake with women dancing in different shots. This is unusual to be used in a R&B genre, although the colours and fast moving shots are conventional. Maybe music directors use disjuncture to attract attention so everyone would talking about this music video. The strange visuals to fascinate the viewer attracting a wider audience. Some people have also created parodies to get more attention but at the end of the day they are still using Drake's song. This again appeals to more audience members.

This music video is another good example of disjunture as the lyrics does not relate to the visuals. In the music video Beyoncé is first dancing by herself and used jump cuts. Throughout the video Beyoncé is dancing by herself sometimes outside and sometimes in a bedroom. People slowly join her and then dance in a corridor, which is very random. At the end of the video a hand held camera is used and Beyoncé end with blowing a party popper. This is very unusual and weird, however this disjuncture of the visuals may have attracted a wider audience than normal.

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