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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


The use of lighting is important for more than one reason, ranging from making it easier to see everything, to portraying a certain mood. For example, if little lighting is used, it would create a dull and sad feeling in the video, which would highlight what the song is about. Then if lots off lighting is used, it gives the impression that what we are watching is a happy and enjoyable moment. This is the 3 point lighting that should be used in a music video. I will be using this technique when filming my maser shot. I want my actress to look exposed in her pictures and her master shot. This is so she looks innocent and angelic.
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I like this image as it makes this person look very innocent and heavenly. This is something that i would like to go for when doing my photoshoot. I want my artist to look innocent as i want my audience members to like her and also relate to her.

In terms of performance I want my artist to be confident and not shy when I ask her to do something different. I also want my artist to be well lit in most of the music video. I think that I would like my artist to be well lit throughout the video, so the audience members can clearly see her and get to know the artist. I want her to be natural.

 This music video is a good example of lighting

The lighting in this shot is key due to fade effect being used. At first Beyoncé's face is bright on the left but the right side of her face is more on the shadow side. Also in the next shot the background is lighter than Beyoncé to show her body more.

This screenshot also shows how half of Beyoncé's body is in shadow but her face is well lit. This could be so audience members focus on her face when she is singing. For this shot one key light and a filter light could have been used.

This shot highlights Beyoncé's body through her silhouette. This silhouette was  created by using a back light behind the singer and a key light, which defines her body more. However, it is not clearly defined due to the smoke in the shot which makes it look very misty.

As you can see, in this shot the key light is coming from the right lighting up Jay Z but keeping Beyoncé in the shadow. Jay Z is rapping at this point which could be why the light is directing at him.

In this shot, the light used is very limited and it slowly fades to black. In this shot a one key light or back light is used. This could have been done to make Beyoncé look 'fierce' as shown in this shot.

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