Final music video

Thursday, 10 September 2015


In this video you can see that some shots are framed inappropriately. you can see this when there were close ups of Rihanna's lips as well as her hands and arms. This video use slow pace and gentle transitions which sets the mood (which is quite eerie). Furthermore the video is in black and white which also adds to the atmosphere. Also in this video clip there are fragmented shots which makes the music video seem sexual in a way. It makes the audience "fill in the gaps" when some pats are not shown in the video.

This video has a lot of narrative and there are a lot of different shots that convey meaning.


The beginning of the music video straight away tells you what the plot of the music video is about when it says "The worst thing about crossing a line," and then "is when you don't know, you already have". This text shown immediately indicates to the audience that the main character is going to cross the line and when linking it with the title of the video you can work out that he crosses the line due to love. A man is then seen telling Drake (main character and artist) in a long panning shot that he's going to get himself into trouble and mentions a name, then it cuts to extreme close-up of a mans eyes, this indicates to the audience he's a dangerous guy. It also creates enigma because we know that there is going to be trouble between this man and Drake but don't know what is going to happen exactly. Throughout the music video we see shots of a beautiful girl in a bikini on the beach (sexualisation of women, common in the genre of R&B). This implicitly tells the audience that this is the girl the two men are fighting over.
A range of shots in a club showed that the girl is the girlfriend of the gangsta (Movado), but then she ends up dancing with Drake, unfortunately they were seen which is a narrative cue that possibly leads to Drake's death. Towards the end of the music video we then see Drake going to see the girl but the gate is locked, Movado and his 'thugs' are then seen coming up behind him. This indicates the possible climax of the music video. At the very end of the video we get a close-up of drake handcuffed to a chair with Movado sat opposite holding a bullet, it then cuts to the same extreme close-up of his eyes we saw at the beginning of the music video which confirms who the man at the beginning was telling Drake about. The girl is then seen holding a gun and walks up behind Drake, the enigma of what happened to Drake in the end is still there because you don't actually see him get shot you just hear the bullets as the title is shown on screen so the audience is left wondering if the girl did betray Drake and shoot him or if she shot Movado to rescue Drake. There is no clear resolution at the end of the music video.


The editing in this music video is done to the beat at some points, which makes is visually attractive. For example at 1.25 it cuts to the lyrics 'hey hey hey'. Also at 3.52 the shots cut to the sound of the piano. Near the end of the music video, it is obvious that the shots have been cut to the beat of the song. The is a convention that has been used in the R&B genre to make the music video look interesting.

Camera Movement & Framing 

There are many close ups and mid shots being used on Drake to show how he feels and where he is looking (mostly to the girl in the club). There are also mid shots and close ups of the girl, creating a sense of voyeurism. In the intimate scenes there a wide, mid shots and hand held movement being used to show the girls body as well as Drake. This makes the audience members feel like there are intruding in these private moments. Additionally, there are close ups being used on Movado with his hair covering his face. This is to make him look intimidating to audience member and show how dangerous he actually is.


A clue was given at the start of the music video when Drake talks about the girl he wants. This sets the scene for the audience members and gives a sense of direction in the music video. Furthermore, when Movado is talking in the music video tells the audience members how much trouble Drake will be in and makes him seem dangerous too. The diegesis takes over at the start and end of the music video from the conversations Drake Movado have with other people. This music video almost feels like a movie as the length of it is quite long. Also the music video splits into conversations giving hints to audience members about what might happen next.

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