Final music video

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Pre-lim, Crew Love

For my pre lim video I worked with another person to look at the process and techniques for lip synching. From my pre lim I learnt how to use markers in final cut as well as the audio wave forms helped me look at certain parts of the song to match the original audio of our shot. I added markers when I thought you can physically see the person emphasising a certain word or looking at the actual lip movement and then match then position the shot in line with the audio of the song. Here are some screenshots of using some markers in final cut:

In this screen shot I have used a marker for the word "yeah". This is because you can physically see the artist saying yeah. Furthermore I also used the wave forms to add the marker in. 

Again in this screen shot I used more markers and slowed the shot down to look and the lip movement of the artist when she says "nah".

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