Final music video

Monday, 14 September 2015

Ideas that I like

The way the producer has edited the start of the video interests me. This is because the flash of the scene only occurs on the beat of the song. This draws my attention to the music video as to what will happen next in the video. I feel like I'm missing a part of the video and I want to know what that is by watching the whole music video.

Again for this video the explosion of the car happens when the actual beat drops. for my own video i would like to have something physically being shown when the beat drops or even to the bet of the song near the start or the end of the video

For these video clips I like how the editor used jump cuts to show that Beyonce has moved to another position without seeing how she got there. When i first watched the video, it really grabbed my attention as I never watched a video with jump cuts in it and someone in their home/hotel environment.

In this clip I really like the time lapses that have been used. Also the fast and snappy shots go well with the rhythm of the song. Then when the song slows down, the shots become slow paced and smooth on terms of transitions.

In this clip the dancers are moving in slow motion which goes with the song which is slow paced (at the beginning). It then flashes into the next scene as the beat of the song gets faster. I like the transition into the next scene as it creates something different and unique. They also use jump cuts on beyonce which gives this video a different edge to it which could attract audience members.

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