Final music video

Monday, 28 September 2015

Ideas for the music video

At the moment I came across the idea of having a dream. I really liked this idea as I would like the music to be fun but also have maybe some sort of meaning to it. Here are some songs that I have considered:

I like this song as I believe I can create a dream within this song. One idea that I had was about a girl dreaming to be the perfect worker and be with an amazing supportive boy friend. I could also show the girl as being religious and being quite conserved as the lyrics of the song have many references to religion, this could be in real life.

This is my favourite song so far. I think that I would be able to show two sides of a girl just by looking at the title of the song 'Summertime Sadness'. Generally people would not think of summer as being sad and I believe that I can show two complete opposites by choosing this song. For me, there is a hidden meaning in the song that I would like to explore.

Alicia Keys is a well known artist worldwide. This particular song makes me think of something fun to do. This is because it generally talks about life and what a person could do and not do. I believe that I can show a variety of different scenarios about peoples lives. This could be done by showing how one person is having fun whereas the other person is fed up and has a lot of problems.

At the moment, I think I would like to choose Summertime Sadness as I believe there is something about the lyrics that attracts me. Also the beat of the song and generally I can interpret my own meaning of the song through my music video.  For  each song, there is no clear narrative which gives me the freedom of being creative with my ideas.


The genre's that I have chosen for my music video are Indie Pop which is a sub-genres from Pop. This genre is an alternative of rock music that originated in United Kingdom in the 80s. I believe that the music I have chosen will help me think of creative ideas in terms of camerawork and narratives. I can experiment with different types of shots for my chosen song such as 28 thousand days. This song has a clear beat in it that I could pace my shots with. Three of these songs have a music video to it which will make it difficult for me to make my own video completely different and unique to the original.

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