Final music video

Monday, 12 October 2015


I would like my actress to be in a red dress as shown in my mood board due to the connotations you can draw from just a 'red dress' and also the visuals will show a relationship with the lyrics (Goodwin). I want to spend some time on when the artist is getting ready to show how much she wants to 'doll up' and go out. This will contrast with her working at work as shown in the title of the song, Summertime Sadness. Also my actress will be looking very simple when the master shot will be taking place. This is because I want the audience members to see the actress stripped back and be seen for who she really is. At some point in my music video I would like to include a close up of the actress' lips when she is singing just to make it look appealing, for example when the song says 1,2,3,4.  I also want to include a time lapse in the video to show that time is passing and maybe a typical day of the artist. Lastly, I want to show that the actress is bored and feels stressed at work, generally fed up with life. I could do this by either making her sit in an office or work from home. If my artist is working from home, it will make her look like she has an even more boring life. This is because a normal person will have to go out to work, however if my artist works from home it will show that she doesn't go out much and is restricted as to what she can do.

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