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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Feedback from my Treatment

One part of the feedback that I received was that I may not have enough content for my music video. Furthermore, the music video idea was seen as a cliche. I now have to think about how to make my music video more interesting for the audience members, so they could watch the music video again and again. I don't want the audience members to be hesitant about watching the video again.

To improve, I would try and use graphic matching. I think this would really show the contrast of the original side of the actress and then the side that she wishes to be. For example, if she is at work singing a piece of paper, the other side of it would be maybe her signing an autograph.
One thing I may consider is when the actress is getting ready. I could show the difference between how she would get ready when going out and how she gets ready when going to work everyday.

Overall, I have to think about some more interesting things to do in the music video, maybe not a dream but I could include maybe a day dream.
I have decided not to do a dream, as I believe that it is a typical cliché of a music video. I would like to do something unique, so I am thinking of creating two sides of a person and not do the dream.

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