Final music video

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Artist, Props and Costume

My artist will be shown as very simple from her work side however when she is getting ready I want the audience members to feel like she is taking her time and is putting a lot of effort in what she is doing. In the master shots I want to make sure she looks emotional and serious as I want the audience to think about the lyrics while watching her 'sing'.


Image result for a red dress     Image result for a work shirt women   Image result for a vest topImage result for a high neck vest top Image result for a fury coat Image result for black high heels
These are some outfits that I am planning for the artist to wear. The red dress will be for her getting ready to go out as it relates to the lyrics of the video and I believe that there could be some connotations to the 'red dress'. Additionally I will make sure my artist has a good amount of make up on  and she is wearing high heels to make it look more realistic. Her hair will be done in a bun as it was mentioned in the song and it adds to her look of looking smart and sophisticated. The simple vest tops will be for when she is singing to the camera in the master shots. I have chosen a vest stop as it shows simplicity and I want the artist to look stripped back. There will be some make up used in this part. For the outside shots, I will need a coat that looks smart to go with her red dress outfit. Lastly, her work attire will include a simple smart/casual shirt with trousers. I don't want her to look like she is going out to work. Keeping it smart/casual will help the audience realise that she is working from home due to the simple outfit. Her hair will be very simple and there won't be much make up being used at this point. 

Props and Mise en scene

For the work scene I will need a laptop, some papers the artist can work with and a pen. This will make the home environment look more like a work area. When the artist is getting ready I will  need a very 'girly' dressing table full of perfumes, make up, a mirror, hair brush and more. This will help set the mood for the audience. Because the artist is getting ready, I will have to give some jewellery for her to put on during the music video. 
Image result for a dressing tableImage result for perfumes on a dressing table  Image result for a laptop with papers around it

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