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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Similar Artists

The genre that Lana Del Rey sings about is indie pop. Here are some artists similar to Lana Del Rey in terms of genre:

Paloma Faith

Paloma is a pop artist but also comes under Indie pop. The make up of Paloma is very simple but her hair and costume is very vibrant. Her hair is done in a retro style. This music video clearly has a narrative that is shown. She's been left for another woman and she doesn't want to know about this other woman or her relationship with her lover. New York is metaphorical for the woman she's been left for, I think New York has been used as she's trying to say this other woman is new and exciting like New York is.

Florence and the Machine

This music video does not have a clear narrative however the lyrics of the song is very strong which may mean that she didn't need to have a narrative in the music video. Also her voice is really strong so people just listen and interpret their own meanings to the song. Florence and the machine also comes under the indie pop genre due to her unusual music videos such as cosmic love and spectrum. Furthermore, her hair and costume adds to the strangeness. at 1.20 in the music video the balloons could be a metaphor of losing things you love, 'sooner or later in life the things you love you lose'

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