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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


The most common people that listen to Indie Pop are mostly females in their teenage years going towards young adults. If the artist is female (like Lana Del Rey), it is extremely likely that mostly girls will listen to them (core audience). This is because girls are more likely to relate to the music video and lyrics. Furthermore, it is more common for females to listen to female artists. The audience for this genre and artist is mainstream. In relation to social grades, my target audience will be from grade A to C2 as these people are more likely to listen to pop, indie pop whereas classes D and below are less likely to listen to this genre of music.

The attitude for this type of audience, in my opinion feels like a group of girls who listen to indie pop. I can imagine them getting together to talk about that song they heard on the radio or saw on youtube. I believe that these girls will know the lyrics of the song and will sing along to it whenever they hear it. This is because the lyrics of the songs are open to interpretation.
I have done some audience research for myself. I produced a questionnaire to find out what people are interested in nowadays.

This is what I gathered from my questionnaire:

Target Audience

From the research I have concluded that my target audience is Indie, females aged between 18-25 as mostly females can relate to the music video as well as the lyrics. It will get the audience thinking and will allow them to interpret their own story into it. My video will be useful as it will inform them about the artist's life and that life isn't all about conforming and having the same routine everyday. It is fine if you want to go out and enjoy yourself with friends and family. I am also aiming to entertain my target audience so they can watch my music video again and again. (idea of the use and gratification theory)

My artist's song will be consumed through Youtube as audience members mostly spend their time socialising through the internet, online and other social networking sites such as Youtube, whatsapp and twitter. I believe that this has become more dominant than traditional forms of media texts like CD's DVD's etc as people can download music from these digital channels (youtube, spotify) straight onto their phone which means they can listen to the song wherever and whenever they want. Broadcasting my music video on mainstream music channels seems inappropriate for my artist and her audience, but maybe the radio will be better so people can listen to her in the car, when they're shopping and other places which will make them want to watch the music video just by listening to the lyrics of the song as the meaning of the song is open to interpretation. Using digital platforms to distribute will help me appeal to a wider audience as it is quick, easy and people will have easy access.

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